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The Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED) is the foremost association of low-fee paying private schools, in Nigeria. Established in 1999 and incorporated as a professional and humanitarian organisation to promote quality and affordable education for children from low income families. The association is poised to promote an enabling platform for low-fee paying education service providers to achieve better standard, learning outcome achievements, measurement and improvement.


  • To promote unity, co-operation and a friendly atmosphere among member schools.
  • To promote creativity in the educational system, guide, motivate, encourage, assist and give technical advice for the development of member schools to meet set standard.
  • To solicit for funds and educational aids and accept same from individuals, government, local and international bodies, groups and organizations for the benefits and improvement of member schools.
  • To promote the progress and mutual co-existence of members and assist where possible in contributing positively to the solid educational well-being of the society.
  • To undertake philanthropic activities, particularly to those who are orphans and low income earners in the society.
  • To enhance academic development of diligent children and enhance their productivity as useful members of the society.
  • To provide a forum whereby it shall counsel, stimulate and initiate projects aimed at developing and harnessing the physical, mental, moral and financial resources of members in order to make them useful, prosperous and self-reliant in the actualization of our set goals.
  • To cooperate with the existing and would be organizations, groups and individuals whose aims and aspirations are similar to ours.

AFED Vision

To be a World leading association of low - fee education service providers.

AFED Mission

To promote an enabling platform for low-fee education service providers to achieve better education standards for the populace through effective collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

AFED Core Values (CLIPEC)

  • Commitment – dedication and loyalty to the Association and its cause
  • Leadership – leading by example in all spheres and at all times
  • Integrity – honesty, discipline and trustworthiness at all times
  • Passion – compassion coupled with drive for quality education to poor pupils
  • Excellence – striving for the best in all we do
  • Creativity – creating solutions, finding legitimate ways around problems


  • Keep a child in school
  • Learning materials Support Programme
  • Extra-Curricular Activities Development for AFED children
  • School Standards Improvement programme
  • School Business financing – AFED Loan & Thrift
  • Excursion & Tour support programme
  • AFED permanent Secretariat projects
  • Old members welfares support programme
  • AFED Members Technical Services Support programme
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AFED Programmes


  • BOT Meetings
  • National/State Executives Meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Chapter Leaders Meetings
  • Stakeholders meetings

AFED Programmes


  • Unified Primary six Mock Examinations

  • Unified termly Assessment

  • Government School leaving Examination – Placement Examination

AFED Programmes


  • AFED Annual Week/Conference
  • Annual Sports Festival
  • World Literacy day celebration
  • Teachers Day celebration
  • Resumption week prayer meeting
  • Children Day Celebration
  • Tow-Hall Meeting/Sensitisation Programme
  • Parents Awareness and Capacity building Programme


AFED members are exclusively entitled to the following benefits:

Training & Development

  • Conduct Teachers Evaluation examination to develop training materials for our members’ school teachers.
  • Create Partnership with competent business development service providers to develop continuous professional training and development programme for members
  • Ensure educative materials are widely distributed for members’ knowledge and use

  • Creation of Common Wealth Account to assist members who are in distress and needed little amount of money
  • Creation Contingency fund Account to assist a financial members in cases of any critical illness confirmed by a certified medical expert.

  • Providing a Structure for the Improvement of Educational Programs in Member Schools
  • Ensure School Improvement and Educating on the need for Quality Assurance of Private Schools
  • Interact with our members on how to improve on their child care and girl child education.

  • Creating awareness on AFED Activities and programs
  • Informing Members and Other Stakeholders on Matters of AFED
  • Website and Social Media Management

  • Production of a continuous assessment for measuring and evaluating students learning in accordance with national curriculum on universal basic education
  • Produce termly students’ learning assessment question paper, answer scripts and recording sheets to evaluate learners’ outcome in members’ school
  • Organise unified mock examination for primary six students from members’ school to prepare them for the states placement test.

  • Make Representation on Behalf of Schools to Government, non-government Organisations, Corporate Organisations and notable individuals
  • Make Contributions to basic education policy development
  • External Network with Other Associations and international Agencies


At AFED, we offer 3 categories of memberships to help you personalize your involvement and interaction with the association.

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